Real Estate


Real Estate – Acquisition of Property by Non-Citizen in Mauritius

Investing in the real estate sector in Mauritius is now possible for non-citizens. The Non-Citizen (Property) Restriction Act has been amended since December 2016 and the Government has also introduced several schemes, namely the Property Development Scheme (“PDS”) and the Smart City Scheme, which allows Non-citizens to purchase immovable property in Mauritius.

Therefore, non-citizens can now acquire the following immovable properties in Mauritius with prior approval from the Board of Investments:
• A residential unit developed under the PDS scheme
• A residential unit developed in a smart city
• An apartment located in a building of at least two floors above ground floor

Such property can be purchased either under the buyer own name or through one of the following vehicles:
• Company
• Société
• Trust
• Limited Partnership
• Foundation